Bon Voyage!

Speedboat cover

Boating this summer? If not, then you should! Unlike most years, the English weather is actually giving us some sunshine, and what better way to spend it than cruising across the ocean? However, there is always a chance of rain, and when you’ve arrived back on dry land the last thing you need is a boat full of water.

Hate to state the obvious, but to prevent that from happening a boat cover is a good start! Having been in the trade for over 19 years, we have gone from making trailer covers to a vast variety of other items, including boat covers. Our workers have had years of experience that has given them the skills they need to make items that will last, and that work!

We make boat covers simply because we can, if you have the materials, the experience and the know-how then why not? What’s even better is that we are able to custom make them to fit your needs. The material that we use on the boat covers is R16 dyed canvas, which is of course waterproof, but is also rot proofed and flame resistant.


Obviously boating doesn’t always have to be done in the summer months, for the hard core sailors who boat all year round, your covers need to last. Because our covers are hand made we can guarantee that no detail has been left untouched, and this is what makes the item so durable and long lasting.


Alongside boat covers, we also make seat cushions. If you’re going to be a long time out at sea you have to be comfortable; 4 days spent sat on a hard back chair might begin to get a bit tedious. Again, these can be custom made in terms of design and sizing, so that all of your requests are met, and your boat can fit your vision. View our range of Boat Upholstery and Boat Covers.

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