Aquatic Nets

Aquarium Nets

Aquarium Nets

These can be used individually or to divide a large tank. They can be manufactured to the customer’s own dimensions.

Standard 40mm plastic drainage waste pipes are required for the frames (not supplied).

Mesh: Micromesh (3mm Mesh) or Hexamesh (7mm Mesh): both are ‘fish friendly’ meshes.

Product code Size cms Net Type Price each
TANH50 50x50x50 Hexamesh £14.60
TANM50 50x50x50 Micromesh £14.60
TANH100 100x100x100 Hexamesh £16.40
TANM100 100x100x100 Micromesh £16.40


Pond Covers

Pond Covers

Round from 1 metre diameter  £10.20
Oblong from 1 metre x 1.5 metre  £14.80
Square from 1 metre x 1 metre  £11.20

Pond covers – made to order. Manufactured from any mesh in our net range. We usually recommend Polyester Black or Standard Nylon, finished to a high standard with elastic cord and zip if required for easy feeding.


Koi Carp Tube

Koi Carp Tube

Manufactured with fish friendly net to 9″ inch diameter 36″ or 46″ long complete with frame net and alloy handle.

Carp sacking fish friendly net 9″ x 36″ £11.70
Carp sacking fish friendly net 9″ x 48″ £12.50
Heavy Duty Pond Aquarium Net

Heavy Duty Pond Aquarium Net

Manufactured from fish friendly carp sacking or micromesh netting.

12″ x 10″ 250 x 200mm complete with alloy handle £9.80