Rescue Sets

Animal Rescue Set

Animal Rescue Set

A friendly net developed for the safe rescue of birds and small mammals/animals. Sturdy but lightweight construction. Complete with unique swan hook. Designed for use in open and enclosed areas. Most parts replaceable with standard tools. We will accept returns for repair by our engineers.



Net Open In locked position
Net Closed Lock released
ready for closing

Complete with net and accessory kit £179 NET PRICE NO TRADE DISCOUNT. The set includes:

  • 1 x rescue net
  • 1 x swan hook
  • 1 x extension pole for net
  • 1 extension pole for swan hook
  • 1 x kit bag

Individual parts available on request.


Reptile Rescue Set

Reptile Rescue Set

reptile_rescuenetUnique bag in a bag design holds reptiles in separate compartments. Lightweight aluminium components with 5oz cotton drill bags. Small and large aluminium hooks for easy handling. Pinner with latex rubber tubing to hold snake without harm. Spare 70cm and 120cm handles Supplied in custom made holdall.

RR001C COMPLETE SET  £149.25

Complete kit contains
Rescue bag assembly (bag,frame,pole)
2 x Inner catching bag
Pinner with 120cm handle
Small hook 65cm x 8mm
Large hook 90cm
Spare handle 70cm
Spare handle 120cm

Product code Description Price
RRS002 Rescue bag assembly (bag, frame, pole,) £31.90
RRS003 Outer catching bag £17.25
RRS004 2 x Inner Catching bags £35.65
RRS005 Pinner with 120cm handle £13.50
RRS006 Small hook 65cm x 8mm £9.55
RRS007 Large hook 90cm handle £18.75
RRS008 70cm spare handle £8.40
RRS0014 120cm spare handle £8.40
RRS0010 Holdall £36.80
Seal Rescue Stretcher

Seal Rescue Stretcher Rigid Pole

Pole length 2 metre

Pole diameter 40mm fitted with surergrip handles

Bed base 1.5 metre x 1 metre

Bed base 50mm x 2 tonne abrasion resistant webbing

Total weight 4.7 kilos


Seal Rescue Stretcher Folding Pole

Pole length assembled 2 metre


Pole length folded 1.1 metre

Pole diameter 40mm fitted with suregrip handles

Bed 1.5 metre x 1 metre

Bed base 50mm x 2 tonne abrasion resistant webbing

Total weight 5.1 kilo


Swan Jacket

Swan Jacket

Material washable PVC coated. Breathable or plain PVC available.

£9.50 each

1. Place the swan in the centre of the jacket


2. Wrap the swan with velcro strapsswan_jacket_3 3. Wrapping the swan prevents injury and is calming