Seine Nets

seine_dragnetManufactured to the customer’s own specification, these nets can be as long and as deep as you require – please discuss you
r specific application with us. One thing to consider is the weight of the finished net, and how it is intended to be used. These nets are designed for bank to bank, boat to bank, or boat to boat use.

The net is made from heavy salmon mesh with floats on the topline and heavy leadline in the bottom hem with pocketed sides. Tow-lines are fitted to both sides and secured to the top and the bottom of the net.

Pricing – as a guide please work on £7.95 per square metre. A 30 metre x 3 metre net made to the standard spec. will be £715.50. NET PRICE NO TRADE DISCOUNT.

Nets under 15sq metres will be charged at a higher price per sq metre. Please phone for quotation.