Silly with Soft Play


As a child I used to love going to soft-play centres, whether it was to dive into the ball pool or mess about with the foam blocks, it was a great place to be! Nowadays it still is the perfect place to take children to let off some steam, so it made sense that we hop on the bandwagon and start creating/designing soft-play equipment.

Colourful, spongy and fun! Our blocks are durable and long-lasting, so your little terrors can chuck, grab and kick them about without them falling to pieces in a matter of seconds. They are also waterproof, making it easier to wipe clean if sticky juice spillages happen to occur.

Aside from them being fun to play with, they exercise your child’s creativity by allowing them to build and create towers of their own, or use their imagination to come up with new games for themselves and their friends.

Little accidents come with having children, the time that your child falls over for the first time and injures them-self is absolutely heart wrenching and terrifying! Which is why we have reduced the risk of injury with our soft-play products by making them soft with no sharp corners or edges, and have sealed them with Velcro for that extra bit of added security.

All of our indoor soft play equipment, including the blocks featured above, are made with PVC polyester and unless stated when purchased the colours will be random. Because they are hand made, we can also make custom sizes and shapes!

If you own a soft-play centre yourself, or are just interested in purchasing some of our items, please don’t hesitate to make an enquiry!

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